If despite your best effort, neither diet or exercise is helping you with those saddlebags, or stubborn fat on hips or tummy, Dr. Omar Plastic Surgery clinic offers you best solution with liposuction. Liposuction is sometimes called lipoplasty, suction lipectomy or liposculpturing. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves vacuum to suck out fat, that has accumulated beneath the skin surface. The effect is profound in terms of reduction of fullness. Dr Muhammad Omar Afzal is expert in this cosmetic surgery procedure and takes liposuction as one of the most technically demanding procedure as a few extra ml removal of fat can cause devastating skin laxity.


We offer the most effective liposuction technique with high safety profile, which work excellent for both women and men. In your consultation with Dr Omar, detailed assessment, discussion about your goals and recommendation about procedure will be done. Liposuction works best if you are within 20 to 30% of your ideal weight for your height, have mild skin laxity and are non smoker. A fine cannula is used to gently fill the area with specially made solution to markedly reduce pain. Another cannula is used to suck out fat and give a sculpted excellent look.


Usually done in local anaesthesia. But for large volume liposuction & bigger areas, general anaesthesia is required.


This Cosmetic surgery can be performed usually in a few hours & you’ll be able to go home the same day. But for large volume liposuction, general anesthesia is used. We advise bed rest for 2 weeks days but recommend gentle exercises and regular walk to reduce complication and improve recovery time. Bruising is commonly observed after liposuction, together with mild redness at the site where access incision is made, both of which vanish after a few days. Final results are usually evident after 6 months as oedema settles. We recommend regular exercise and controlled diet for longer lasting results.

Liposuction cost, Lahore, Pakistan:

Cost varies, but a typical session ranges from Rs. 30000 to 600000. Together with best surgical expertise and affordable cost, liposuction at Dr Omar Plastic Surgery, Lahore, Pakistan, provides best results for anyone seeking liposuction.

What to Expect after surgery:

Excellent contour of the affected body part
Tightening of skin over the area
Improved self esteem
Excellent recovery

Dr. Omar will be happy to answer all your questions in person, and to guide you regarding the best management plan. Contact today on 00923004111418, or through whatsapp on same number for more information. Online consultation is totally free, so contact today and to take first step towards your better self.